PDCurses Demos

This directory contains demonstration programs to show and test the capabilities of curses libraries. Some of them predate PDCurses, PCcurses or even pcurses/ncurses. Although some PDCurses-specific code has been added, all programs remain portable to other implementations (at a minimum, to ncurses).


The demos are built by the platform-specific makefiles, in the platform directories. Alternatively, you can build them manually, individually, and link with any curses library; e.g., “cc -orain rain.c -lcurses”. There are no dependencies besides curses and the standard C library, and no configuration is needed.

Distribution Status

Public domain, except for rain.c and worm.c, which are under the ncurses license (MIT-like), and UTF-8-demo.txt, which is under Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY).